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Founded in early 2021, Brandsy is the result of years of back-and-forth and procrastination with side projects and hobbies. Whether it was an eCommerce store or advertising agency, I’d find myself spending the most amount of time picking the name or designing the logo rather than just launching the project and getting customers

Now whether this was procrastination or just pure enjoyment of the process is up for discussion, but it doesn’t change the fact that on average I shipped my projects a lot slower than everyone else.

After speaking to a number of indie hackers and entrepreneurs, I found that this was a common problem. So, naturally, I had to think of a way to solve this problem both for myself and for the indie hacking space.

That’s how Brandsy was born. A quick way to get a company name, premium domain and logo so you don’t have to think about it, and can focus on the big picture things instead. Indie hackers and developers from all over the world can come to Brandsy and find their next big project in a matter of minutes, for a fraction of the industry average price.

We’re a little bit different in that we focus on alternative TLDs, simply because you aren’t going to get a slick startup name if you’re stubborn with .coms. They’re all taken. Or, you’ll find it with a hefty, hefty price tag in the secondary market. There are startups out there doing incredible things using these alternative TLDs, proving that it’s not absolutely necessary to own the .com.

Take a look at the list of our favourite companies using alternative TLDs.

To conclude, you can skip the domain checking and logo drafting and just ship your project. The faster you ship, the faster you can get paying customers and start building a company.

Here’s to your startup success!
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